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On January 21st 2007, Chris joined the very short and exclusive list of Americans to compete in and finish the famous Dakar Rally. In The Dakar's 29 year history, less then 20 US citizens have crossed the finish line on a motorcycle. I guess that puts me on an even more exclusive list, "American wives with husbands who have realized the 2nd most important dream of their lives" I think it goes without saying that the biggest dream these men have realized was finding a woman who would put up with The Dakar!
Click the link to Dakar101 to see more photos and to read about Chris' adventure. Thanks for all the support over the last few months, we used every bit of it!




Steve LaRoza, Casey McCoy, Paul Broome, & Chris Jones at the finish of the 29th Dakar Rally


While Chris was racing Dakar my sister Fawn met me in Morocco and we spent 10 days doing our best to blend into the local scene. With my best French and her best Spanish we managed to stand out like sore western thumbs... it was a blast! Check out our adventures posted in the journal.

I don't want to hear any wise cracks about this being a picture of me with my sister! I'm actually taking this photo while sitting on my own camel - pretty cool that he's looking at the camera.

Chris is racing Dakar 2007!!

Vegas to Reno 2005

Vegas to Reno 2005

Chris without a helmet!

Around The World 101 : No Prequisites Required...we hope

We are Chris and Spice, checking out the world on KLR 650s!

Keep up with our latest adventures through our pictures and journals. If we aren't having fun we'll make it up!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long silence... we are back! The next adventure is on the horizon and the time has come to bring you up to speed.

Chris is going to race Dakar this January (2007) and we will be linking to his site "Dakar101.com" within the next few weeks.

Keep checking in for details or take a minute to browse over the journals. I read them all for the first time in a while and I have to say, some of your comments are starting to make sense!

And by the way, WE GOT MARRIED!!!

Spice showing Chris how to handle a Honda CRF 230!